Saturday, May 16, 2009

On days I can't dream

I'm sorry I am discouraged
I'm sorry that I am blue
'can't get back the courage
to put my life back on cue
it's easier to be numb
ignore things, act dumb
i'm letting the days pass like nothing
and I know I will not reap anything
some days are like this, I know
when a smile is put on, for show
faith and hope they are set aside
they'll come back, my time, I bide
I can't dream because I'm sad
I can't dream, I feel bad
soon i hope dreams will come like rain in spring
my heart will be ready for the joy it will bring


  1. Teach me poetry.

    Should i just let my emotions flare?
    Or keep my mind in utter despair?
    Or should i arrange the words with utmost care?
    And admit that an audience is aware?

  2. You are asking me to preach to the choir! :)

  3. sorry low iq talaga. come again?

  4. You are pulling my leg!!!! Of course you're not LOWiq ;)

    How can I ever teach a Master of verses himself?;)

  5. I thought of myself as master of averses, honey. I should believe you, i think.