Thursday, May 14, 2009

the little girl in me

the little girl in me
never grew up at all
i still dream of a doll house
complete with furnishings and all

i like them with all the trimmings
from the floor up to the ceiling
drapes and curtains and appliances
and other electrical devices

as a girl, 'never had my own bedroom
growing up, there wasn't much change
create my own corner, there was no room
in my dreams, was all I can manage

these days, pictures I see on the net
give me the happiness I can get
someday, before my time is up, i can see
someone will make the little girl in me, happy


  1. Well, this little boy in me doesn't want to grow up. You pictures i see on the net give me the happiness too. Let me see you through.

  2. Welcome to my world, Peter Pan! ;)