Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunrise in a foreign country

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Sunrise is the same everywhere. That much is true. Sunrise offers hope, a new beginning, something positive to look forward to in the day.

Everyday we experience a sunrise. It is happening everyday. The difference is whether we are there to appreciate a sunrise when in happens. It is there everyday without fail that we tend to ignore it and not put so much importance to it happening. More often than not, we do not get that reminder that a sunrise symbolizes a new beginning.

Until you get a chance to experience sunrise in another place. When you do, you sort of "miss" the sunrise in your home place. When I had this experience, it made me think-- come to think of it, what does sunrise in my home country look like? Did I ever appreciate it the way I am appreciating it in this foreign place?

Sunrises and sunsets in foreign places always look more beautiful - just because of the feeling that it is a "different" sunrise or sunset.

Years ago, when I went for a two day outing with officemates in our boss' beach house in Ragay, Camarines Sur, I experienced a sunset and a sunrise different from what I see from my home. I'm sure it was beautiful, no matter what, but it was not anything to be ecstatic about. When I was in a foreign country and went on a two day outing with my fellow teachers in a beach, the beach looked similar to the beach in Ragay ('cept that the sand was darker in Ragay). At dusk, I saw the sunset and in the morning, I saw sunrise and though it was beautiful, it made me think that the sunset in Ragay was beautiful too. I may have even felt it was more beautiful. And it made me miss home. Maybe the beauty of sunrises and sunsets also depend on where you are looking at it from.

Like the cliche, we realize the beauty/importance of something when we lose it

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  1. sometimes
    we already know what we will miss.
    but it takes more than one
    to nurture things.