Wednesday, May 13, 2009

an unforgettable jeepney ride

they got on my jeepney ride
a nice-looking young couple

a cute little boy on tow

he looked frail, quite unstable

they got settled in their seat

put the boy on her lap
a bag of chips in his hand

probably the afternoon's snack

she opened the bag

and put it in his hand

he acknowledged, he smiled

and uttered, "Thank you, Mom"

she took his little hand

helped him pick a piece
with each piece he picked

she rewarded him with a kiss

such a sweet sight to see

I said to myself

a mother and a son

as she offered lots of help

but i wondered why she had
to give him a smile and a kiss

each time his hand picked a piece

from inside the bag of chips

and on as we traveled

we finally reached their stop

carefully she held him

to his dad she gave him back

his dad took him

in his arms lovingly

the boy faltered for a second

clutched his dad's hand excitedly

I became more curious

as i watched them alight

careful little steps

but his face remained bright

finally, I gasped
as a thought flashed my mind

oh my dear, now I know

that the little boy was BLIND.

Note: This happened ten years ago but the memory remained in heart. I have always wanted to write about it but never got the chance and the place to write it in.

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