Sunday, May 25, 2008


Some weeks ago, I answered a "fun" quiz.
I am posting the questions and my answers here:

1. Should we give up on setting minimum wage rates and legislated wage increases?
No. I hate to see GMA smile.

2. If I die a little each night that I still fail to find the woman I can't live without, at what point do I become a lovesick zombie?

You are already. If you still haven't found the woman you cannot live without, that means you are already dead.

3. What economic reforms are necessary to make the country more competitive under globalization?

Ask Minnie Mouse to step down and concede to someone with better economic sense. Goofy, perhaps?

4. Is it necessary to differentiate ourselves according to our zodiac signs when we were all born under the sign of the uterus in the first place?

Yes it is. That is our only excuse when we seem to act strange-- always blame the stars.

5. To enter into relationship that requires sacrificing your long-held principles, would that be wrong?

In my case -- I am unprincipled. No harm done (grins)

6. Do you think that nothing happened between the miller's daughter and Rumplestiltskin during their three-night affair since the baby came after a year and the troll came around to claim it?

Is that the latest buzz? oh well..I guess I have been missing a lot of TV

7. What is more important-- honesty without fidelity or fidelity sans honesty?

Difficult one. Is it anything like--"Yes, honey, I went to bed with another guy last night" or "No, I did not go to bed with someone else last night, did I?" (grins)

8. If I said you had a nice body, would you really hold it against me?

Hahahahaha-- that's what I call "sense of humor"

9. What moral right does the US have in interfering with the internal affairs of other countries like Iraq?

Moral? what moral?

10. Can I still find true love through the Internet?

Talking from experience, Yes and No.
Yes, you can but No, it does not necessarily mean you will end up together.

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