Friday, May 30, 2008


Funny thing that happened today. For some reason, I know that my son's next anti-rabies shot is scheduled for May 31. We set out today but it is only the 30th- - and to rub it in---it's the city Fiesta! That could have been the reason why it wasn't scheduled for May 30. Most establishments are closed today. Wrong move -- memory gap????

The tetanus toxoid shot they allowed my daughter (though she is not yet an RN) to give him but I wonder why she can't be allowed to give the anti-rabies shots. Oh well...maybe only after passing the nurses' licensure (and that's on June 1-2, 2008 -- all our fingers crossed)

Anyway...not a wasted trip -- very festive in the city!
Happy Fiesta, Lucena City

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