Friday, May 23, 2008

Cinderella and the Kennon Road monster

I still can't find the time to write a full-length article about my trip to Baguio as I am immersed in hours and hours of audio that I need to transcribe. Really, a transcription job is not as easy as it sounds. I didn't realize how long a minute of talking would translate to words on "paper", and with Americans doing the talking, it is certainly not a field trip. Looking back at my other previous job in the call center, I smile at the thought of how I have come to get a feel and "taste" of every new kind of job I could put my hands on. I just wished I had done this when I was younger and found what kind of job I would really like to settle down in. Good lesson for my children though and for anyone who'd care to know and listen.

Anyway, I'll be posting small bits of video and talk some about them as I find the time to share them here.

On our way to Baguio City on the night of May 13, it was starting to rain and because it was already close to 8pm when we reached the entrance to Baguio (had to choose whether to take the Kennon Road or the Marcos Highway), the driver chose to go for Kennon as it was a shorter route (but more dangerous -- treacherous curves and turns). Midway through the winding , zigzag road, we realized that the road is unlit --very dark , which made it a little creepy. I started taking short videos along the way to divert my attention . And of course, I knew the video was going to be dark but went ahead anyway. When we got to the hotel and settled for the night (We had to stay all together in a larger suite temporarily because the original reservations for rooms were yet to be on 14th May. On the second night when I was finally checked in to my own room, I was reviewing the pictures and videos I had taken so far and it felt really creepy looking at the videos from Kennon Road -- as well as the pictures I took. My imaginations went wild and scared myself with what looked like a blazing face of a monster dancing before us on Kennon Road.
I have, by now, deleted the pictures as I did not want to scare myself some more but a video remained saved (which I am posting here)

Hmm just a moment of inanity for me -- not wanting to share the room with several other people and choosing to stay alone but scared myself stiff. On Saturday evening when I chose not to attend the ball at Baguio Country Club (how I dislike "cinderella" affairs :-) ) , I was transcribing an audio file when the lights went out (because of the storm) --and my friend Ding's laptop, I found out, actually just runs on AC power so the screen blacked out too as the lights went out. I couldn't get hold of my phone to get some light from it on, and instead took hold of the camera. I turned it on and it opened into one of those scary pictures! hahahaha --talk about scaring myself to death! I ran out and just as I closed the door, the lights were back on. I was still too scared to go back so I just went down to the lobby -- and saw there two of my friends (who are members of Ding's Lions Club cabinet -- the secretary and the treasurer -- who also did not go to the ball). They invited me to the piano bar and they ordered burger snacks and we enjoyed live music and songs from a nice duo of professional bar singers that night. It went on till midnight which now makes me think -- I don't really dislike "cinderella" stuff at all, Right?

I wasn't wearing a pair of glass shoes and the lights were back -- So I knew I wasn't going to be hunted down by some Baguio Prince the next day. ^_^

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