Monday, November 30, 2009

do we click?

Things that I like (in no particular order)

1. All Hidden Object games on the internet

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World
by Bruddah Iz

3. Everything Jason Mraz and Michael Buble

4. MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud)

5. Conrado de Quiroz' There's the Rub (pero tagal ko na di nagbabasa)

6. Jesicca Zafra (Twisted)

7. Sky Flakes -- ang pambansang biskwit -- Magic Flakes & BlueSkies pag talagang wala

8. Gillian's soft ice cream -- Mr. Softy is a poor second

9. Tostillas corn chips (all variants) -

10. Coke zero -- ung 1.5 liters (hehehe)

11. Shawarma - minus the onions

12. Cheeseburger - from Buddy's

13. Pinoy Beefsteak with Onion rings and calamansi

14. Chami sa tasa (if you're from Quezon, you can relate)

15. goto - sa gotohan ni Aling Chimang

16. Kare-Kare - only with the best alamang

17. pork / chicken adobo = parang pambansang awit ng pilipinas yan

18. pork sinigang - yan naman ang panatang makabayan

19. Halo-Halo from ChowKing

20. Tia Maria's resto -- just love the food and the ambience

21. French Fries,- only with mayo and ketchup dip and not from KFC

22. Green Salad -- from Wendy's

23. Pineapples - don't ask me why! (grins)

24. Watermelons - another "don't ask me why" item

25. Greenwich Pizza -- I hate Yellow Cab

26. chicken macaroni salad (ung sa KFC) - with lotsa cheese!Yumyum

27. Dr, Hook - he may not look as good as his voice but love his songs!

28. Charice Pempengco -- just because

29. Ellen deGeneres -- because she supports Filipino Artists ( I have nothing against Oprah, but...Degeneres was there first.

30. Frisk/TicTac (mints) = pag may pera, pag wala, Stayfresh (piso lang )

31. Illusions - Richard Bach

32. Miss Saigon - Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman and the entire Pinoy cast

33. Mushroom Soup - sa KFC , P25 lang

34. Open Arms - Journey/Arnel Pineda

35. Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom

36. The Little Prince - Antoine d'Saint Exupery

37. Upside down cake - di ko talaga favorite ang pineapple

38. Keds (size 7)

39. MOD and Woman's and Women's Magazines (nung 19kopong-kopong)

40. ice cream in a bun (hindi ung nutri-bun ha)

41. Julie's (ayoko ng Gal's)

42. Ube flavored Selecta ice cream

43. Dennis Quaid, Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams

44. Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd

45. JEFF DUNHAM - Peanut, Walter, Jose de Jalapeno

46. Connie Talbot

47. Sex in the City (and the cast)

48. Vic Sotto ( la lang, long-time crush eh)

49. Gilda Olvidado, Helen Meriz and Nerissa Cabral (relate? )

50. SIMON COWELL (aH Basta!)