Monday, November 30, 2009

22 years apart

My answers to a set of questions asked of me by a 55 yr old male in California:

dear guy_whose_name_must_never_be_mentioned:

No special reason I don't have a pic in my profile.
No special reason my id is namelessfaceless
No special reason why I blog here~~ I blog in other places too.

Yep, I am quite comfortable in my own skin.
Yep, I am quite comfortable with the way I express myself in YOUR language...No, I am not thinking I am superior, far from it. And yes, I do speak my own language well -- I can write well in Tagalog too -- and not the annoyingly popular text message format lyk d 1 styl u cn c me typing here now n dis part of d blog. Let me know how u r8 my English and Tagalog (di me getz wat u mean, pde b pkiulit ung msg mo?)

Yes I have a life outside FFF although a big part of that life is spent on the internet too. My social life is not in any way nearing the boundary of zero because I still see and talk to my neighbors here -- I hope they count as "lifeform" for you? Maybe I should ask if my friends from some parts of Roswell also count as a lifeform for you? They are only in my imaginations anyway.

Oh yes, I did go to school. Not in a nipa hut school house though, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Last time I checked, the number of concrete buildings in the campus of UPLB (let me spell that out for you, University of the Philippines at Los Banos) has doubled from way back in 19(bleep) when I was there. Too bad, my beloved campus has lost its "natural" feel to it -- the price of modernization, I'm afraid. I'd still choose the old campus any day. I'm sure that everyone in my school today would be ecstatic to be holding classes in nipa huts, if at all possible.

I don't see a relevance at all about digging into my family tree to find out if I have relatives who are "famous" ( I really wonder why you bring that in) but again, i am sorry to disappoint you but I do have one famous relative, a local singer/composer/actor/comedian married to an international beauty contestant~~don't bother to ask him, he'll disown me for even responding to your blatantly nosey email here.

Lastly, if you reached this part of my blog, I know you are wondering why the title, "22 years apart" -- you'd say, no connection at all, right? Exactly! And I know that. Your questions have no connection to my blogging here, either. But I know a gem when I see one -- I immediately saw a gem of a hilarious post as I imagined myself replying to all your questions

You are welcome to send another email anytime. Who knows what kind of masterpiece I might be able to come up with writing my reply to your next email. A piece worth near a Nobel or a Pulitzer (yeah, of course I am kidding! I am not, in any way near the likes of Patricia Evangelista)

No. I don't have any idea whether you're an American or a Pinoy. Are you starting to have self-doubts?

and by the way, yes you do look 40 in your picture although your age is listed as 55 -- that's probably because that picture was taken when you were 40. I have a point there, don't I?

yours truly,



  1. Can I ask a bunch o' questions, too? Would you mind answering a few risque questions?

    btw Thanks for the invite!