Saturday, May 23, 2009

the strands, when they snap....

The strands that bind
when they do snap
they leave scars
make you feel like crap
Crap! the ugly words
said in dismay
the hurting words
that meant to slay
Slay the friendship
forget them chums
kill the fellowship
and be like bums

Bums, you will be
you won't ever be happy
Make peace, you will see
that's the only remedy


  1. wow
    what an angry post

  2. not angry at all - just frustrated over the childish "brawls" over there :))

  3. haha
    there are scores of individuals out there
    and everyone thinks one knows everything
    and some use the first words that come to mind,
    unmindful that things can be said better, gentler.

  4. well you probably do not know for sure what I am talking about. I am talking about "brawls" not necessarily about people who think they know everything. I am talking brawls in the personal level that they take out to the public forums -- exposing dirty linen --

  5. ooopss

    am i in one now?

    i missed reading about the brawls in there.
    maybe because i tune out quickly when i sense a conflict i'm not involved in.

    i'm not censuring anything.
    i have no right.
    and it isn't right.
    one should say what one wants.

  6. well the blog owners have deleted the posts -- but of course not before people have read. I read almost all new posts and I go back to several blogs regularly -- so there is a bigger chance of me reading those
    I do not judge them, I just am saying it is a shame they take personal fights out there

  7. yes. what you say is true.
    sometimes, people are angry enough to temporarily lose their sanity and say things they won't say if they were in their right minds.
    perhaps they need to say their piece regardless how offensive or disagreeable.
    i'm happy other people keep their peace regardless the provocation.

  8. oh it's difficult! My blog about obscene blings I wanted to say a lot of things but i know it is pointless so I closed it.

  9. ah. ok.
    next time you get an obscene bling, would you be so kind to send it to me? i'm curious to see one.
    oav, there must a better, faster way of communicating than this tingi-tingi posts. haha x 4

  10. Let me join the "brawls", honey. You are better read when emotional. ha ha. Ang galing mo talaga. Try mo na ba Palanca?

  11. hey you do have a penchant for "honey" ;)
    No I have not tried -- and I don't have the guts to ;);)

  12. sweetie or honey reminds me of my high school. ha ha.

  13. I remember Honey (Faller) -- oopss pardon me!
    hahaha --