Friday, January 16, 2009

Roses for C.A.

Today I learned about the death of a friend I met online in one of the popular sites frequented by Filipinos from the different parts of the world.

I feel sad. Not only because she is dead but because of the messages I read from people who did not like her. Am I biased because she was one of those friends who helped me fight my small battle of wits with another Filipina in the site who called me a "hungry teacher"?

I am not taking her side because she was my friend. I am expressing my disappointment in my realization that indeed, because of the anonymity that the internet affords people, they can choose to mock the memory of the departed~~even express gladness that she has passed on. They had the temerity to say that not everyone is mourning her death yet hide behind anonymous handles and pen names.

Death, no matter who it visits, is always an unwelcome guest. Whether the Grim Reaper summons a sinner or a saint, a bad guy or a good guy, death is not a happy occasion.

You rejoiced over someone's death ~~ don't keep hoping you don't get the same treatment when it is time for you to go.

My friend C.A., I feel sad that we lost touch. I know that staying in touch would not have made any difference in your fate but it is making me feel sad finding out this way.

Your mortal body has found rest, finally. The big C remained undefeated. I can only feel comforted that it can hurt you no more.

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