Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everything Times 9

When my children were younger, I complained about the school expenses around Christmas time. All three of them needed to pay for classroom Christmas Party contributions plus a gift for each of them to bring to school to exchange with their classmates. So that means: everything x 3.

Then, because they were members of other school clubs, like the Glee Club, etc., they held separate Christmas parties too. No need for new clothes but contributions for the food and again, Christmas gift. I have three children that are musically inclined and members of the GC, so again, everything x 3.

When my eldest daughter went to college, things changed a bit. Not much Christmas expenses for her anymore (but she had bigger expenses in other things, but that's another story) So, I am now down to Christmas expenses x 2. (what a relief!!!)

x 2 is still something I complain about BUT.... when I heard about my youngest son's fellow Glee Club member, a first year high school student who has eight siblings (YES, E-I-G-H-T ) I realized I have to stop complaining. LOL

Just imagine -- everything x9!!!!!

I am posting a picture of the nine siblings (with permission from them, of course) because I find it "CUTE" (I am sure their parents have their share of hardships raising all nine but you just have to agree with me that they are "cute" anyway. I bet we all could use a little bit of inspiration from the hard work they are putting in to raise these beautiful children)

Seven girls and two boys. Two of the girls are sort of "grown-ups" now (although still school age -- the eldest is in second year college) so the five younger girls tend to be more bonded together. (Check out the pictures of the five girls and see what I mean when I said "cute") -- but yes, my head spins -- imagining how they sort clothes when it is time to put them away in their closets. Then I think about shoes in the shoe rack...and school bags....and notebooks and books....and slippers.....and....pillows....and ...breakfast and lunch and everyday!!! and.......oh my!

So more complaints now.


  1. i can't imagine the chaos. I'm sure the eldest ones are their mom's assistants. It's hard to have so many and yet its fun too. I have three and i think I need hair replacement surgery. hehehe

  2. i was shocked when i first saw the blog.
    i can't even imagine how you made as an example,a good example probably. Though not that just an example, i don't know the right term, but i know i made it exactly on your point.

    yes you're right, you can't imagine everything multiplied by 9.

    Everyday seems to be a fiesta.
    The chaos, the noise, the crying babies, the complains, the arguments and a lot more.

    Besides on all of thats'
    it's still a matching point, it's still a 'one big happy family'.

    Yes, it's some kinda elusive to hear, but it's true.

    I can't say much, i just want to express my gratitude for this write-up.

    Honestly, I've come to a not that searching.

    But in this point of time,
    I already know you.
    Just got a smile on your seat ma'am.

    We have this little world of ours.

    -the eldest

  3. i was about to go bed last night when i noticed that my laptop was left hanging on so i decided to put it off then i accidentally read this blog (maybe one of the kids didn't log out), i was speechless, stunned, amazed, mixed emotions upon learning that someone wrote about this.

    it's true that you can't really imagine the scenario everyday in the house but am already so used to it, upon waking up, before going to school, the mess, the dramas and the nags but hey it's just a matter of acceptance, LOL!

    but in all fairness, we have brought our kids to be independent, the small ones can take a bath and wash by themselves, they have their own work assignments in the house, just a simple rules and instructions then they follow, just so thankful that we have LINDA who take care of of the clothes alone, if none., OMG!

    i must admit life isn't always a bed of roses, our family have gone through ups and downs but with our faith, patience and perseverance we manage to go on and raise our kids, my eldest is a university scholar, the next is a working student (they're both in college),2are in high school and 4 are in elementary, my youngest will go to school this june, hmmm..can you forsee the expenses?..

    our family isn't perfect, me myself as a mother and wife is not perfect but am proud to say that i got beautiful and good children, definitely i do not encourage anyone to have a big family nowadays but having my kids is already a blessing for me, me and my husband may not have that big money in the bank but with our simple dream of seeing them finish their studies is already an investment and a fulfillment.

    thank you for taking time to write about us, may it inspires others who are like us as i did upon reading it, can't help but cry knowing someone appreciates our huge family, it strenghtens me honestly..

    my best regards and hope to read more of your write-ups, goodluck! thank you again..

    -cool and groovy mama of 9-