Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An open letter to the cool and groovy mama of 9

I am blogging my "open letter" to the mother of the nine kids I featured here a few days ago.

I don't think I have done justice to the blog I wrote about the nine siblings so I am writing what I was originally wanting to write about them.

What inspired me to feature them in my blog was the sight of the pictures that I saw my son browsing through in Friendster. It simply amused me seeing the same facial features in each of the nine kids. The five little girls (well, yeah, one of the them is not-so-little) reminded me of my first and second grade students in Thailand when they appeared in one school program dressed like fairies ~~ white dresses and white stockings, white shoes and a golden wand in their hands plus a crown of flowers on their heads. They all looked alike though they were classmates, not sisters.

I was encouraged to find out more about these 9 siblings and was amused when one day my son was texting with one of the girls. She asked him what his siblings were doing and he said, "my sister is in her room, my brother is outside the house" ~~ (simple! Because they are just three siblings all in all) Then he asked her back what her siblings were doing and we anticipated a long response because we imagined she had to enumerate what all 8 were doing. BUt she said -- my brothers and sisters are ALL TEXTING!!!!. LOL, that was a clever answer. I bet it took her less than half a minute to type all that.

Then it came to the question of enumerating all names. My son, of course did not sweat typing two names. The poor girl had to type all these:


OMG, we all shared a knowing smile and burst in laughter because we had the same thought in mind -- I never got it right to call each one of my three children their correct names! I can't imagine how bad I'd do with NINE! lol

True. Times are difficult. It is certainly not a field trip raising children and sending them to school. I have been doing that alone for so many years now and I look forward to the day my youngest son would be graduating from college.

I quote you, the "cool and groovy mama of 9" when you responded to the blog I wrote about your kids:

"our family isn't perfect, me myself as a mother and wife is not perfect but am proud to say that i got beautiful and good children, definitely i do not encourage anyone to have a big family nowadays but having my kids is already a blessing for me, me and my husband may not have that big money in the bank but with our simple dream of seeing them finish their studies is already an investment and a fulfillment".

I am glad I have brought a smile on your lips by featuring your lovely kids in my blog and I thank you for the inspiration you give other parents in remaining steadfast, hopeful and faithful in doing your roles as parents to these children. I can tell you you are blessed for having the good heart of parents to never let go of the dream to see your children through life. Many children are not as fortunate to have both parents working together to provide their needs. (I should know, let me tell you more about that over coffee, one day ~~ wink, wink)

God Bless.

Jeanie, the ChronicLER on the LoOse

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  1. hi, thanks for that open letter, MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us..