Friday, December 26, 2008


Dear Friends,

It completely slipped my mind!!!! I was supposed to be posting this on the 23rd of December to mark the first year anniversary of my blog. Oh well, I got busy doing nothing and eventually accomplished nothing. lol

I counted the entries in my archive and I wasn't even doing one blog a day. Maybe that would be a nice resolution/ target to produce a minimum of 365 blog entries as I step into Year 2 of my "blogspotting" (hmm..i don't think I like the sound of that newly-coined word: blogspotting... blogspotting... spotblogging?... whateva!)

Minimum 365 blogs ~ Maximum: Sky is the limit!

I hope I can write more poems - I have written only one "new" poem (Tears are Gems) in 2008. All the other poems I have here were written in 2006. That isn't quite the way to go if I really want to put together a bound, personal book copy of my poetry. I wish there is a way to separate blog entries here by blog types, e.g. poetry, songs, essays, jokes, etc. without necessarily having to create a separate blog for each kind. Or maybe there is a way which I only haven't explored yet?

Something in me tells me to take my writing seriously (as if I am only joking, right now? hahaha)

To the people who visit my blog and leave comments and emails to convey words of encouragement, thank you very much. Too bad doesn't allow uploading and generating codes for my "concert pieces"
anymore, so I am constrained to leave my ear piercing live music to myself from here on ...or until I find a new mp3 codes site. (sayang mangangaroling sana ako dito nung pasko, naunsyami tuloy )

I am looking forward to a better year as I step into Year2 of ChronicLING on the LoOse.



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  1. :( ay naku wala nang live songs? yun ang mga inaabangan ko ateng. Congrats sa 1st year. Many more years to come.