Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I had a nice visit with a very good old friend, Marivic (no I did not mean she is OLD , coz that would be an open admission that I am also OLD ). She's my best buddy when we were in High School at the Luzonian University Foundation (now MSEUF) and from our graduation in 1981, we reconnected personally only once in 1987 and once in 2002. There had been a rumor / warning of a bomb threat in one of the city's malls but bomb threat or no bomb threat, we met at the SM City mall, and came home to her house where me and my daughter spent the night.

Things start coming back to me now and appreciate more how much of a real friend she had been to me. In 2002, she supplied me with the medicines I needed after my spine surgery. Being a pharmacist and owning a pharmacy, she volunteered to take care of my prescription meds for a big part of the duration of my treatment.

A lot of things have happened in our separate lives and talking till about 2:30 AM did not seem long enough to cover everything. We talked about the past, the very distant past, the recent past and talked about our hopes for the future too. She took up law four years ago but unfortunately did not make it to the roster of new lawyers. She hopes to give it a try again next year. We joke that once she passes the Bar, she will become a "pharmacist-at-law". LOL

Her house, a newly-built three story house on a 120 square meter lot, is something that I really enjoyed visiting. I am in the middle of a process of selling my house that would hopefully give me the money to build a new one in Calamba City, my real home city (fellow Kabataqs, I know you would not kick me out of KABATAQ once I leave Lucena City LOL. /jk)

When I got back home today, I was inspired to browse the internet for pictures of houses that I would like to "copy". I am so fired up that I spent the good part of the afternoon just collecting those pictures and saving them for future reference. I enjoyed doing it so much but I think I am now too "multiple-minded" about the style I like (as if I will get enough money to build exactly what I have in my collection of pictures).

If not, then I am sure I would be happy owning at least this house in these pictures:


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