Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Three more cakes... ebony and ivory...41 to go

My music cakes feature takes its second day today as I could not resist posting these two piano cakes (black and white, cool!) and the violin cake too.

The early demise of my mother (she passed away when I was three years old, sad) left five kids who would have learned to play the piano as good as she did (or perhaps, even better). I say this with strong conviction because myself having known how to play the guitar, I could now say that my guitar skills fall far far behind my three children's style and musical expression. Funny how children takeover and overtake LOL.

Violins do not have that much appeal to me personally but I saw a music school at the mall offering violin lessons and I have been seeing more and more kids lugging around a violin ~~means there are more and more children learning how to play it. Another fad, I am sure, but good if it could produce children with violin-playing skills. I could at least see here the breaking of the barrier that has put a connotation that violins are for old people.

At the first mention of violins, it reminds me of Levi Celerio, a fine Filipino violinist/lyricist who once became the youngest member of the Manila Symphony Orchestra and who was named National Artist of the Philippines five years before he died. He was also put in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only man who could play music with a leaf. Why, he once played "All the Things You Are" with 39 other musicians (him with only his leaf) at the Merv Griffin Show.

Levi Celerio lived a poor life, even having composed close to 4000 songs. (ahh they say there is no money in music). But I bet it had been a full life -- nine years shy of a century. Incidentally, his birthday is on April 19~~he would have been 101 years old!


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