Monday, March 31, 2008

44 cakes for my birthday

Unlike an ordinary birthday cake where you put x number of candles to show the age, I am posting 44 pictures of different cakes (three cakes a day, hopefully, until my birthday)

I can't remember ever having a cake for my birthday (No, I am not complaining) but if all birthday cakes are as cool as these I am posting here, then I definitely want to start complaining if it will get me one of these. LOL

But nah, on second thought....I'd be happy with just pictures I can post here from today till my birthday. Let me do my math, posting three a day would still make it two cakes short of my actual age so probably I'll make a gran finale of the last day and feature 5! (Congratulations to me, I did my math well!)

I am starting with a specific theme. It is April Fools' Day today but I don't feel like pulling any practical jokes (or any joke, for that matter). I have "music" cakes here that are definitely cool to behold. I am especially impressed by the phonograph cake. Makes me feel like getting out my black wax records (45 and 32 rpms)-- I wonder if the phonograph arm has a stylus though! LOL

The music piece cake is equally cool. What tedious job of "drawing" the staff and the notes using icing as ink. A steady hand, obviously.

The guitar cake is one cool way to spice up a guy's 18th bday. "David" must've had a ball nibbling away (yeah, he's done eating the first fret, moving on to the second fret now hahahahaha)

There you go. My three music cakes. I sure wouldn't get a "taste" , but my optical taste buds are completely satisfied. What about yours?

Footnote: I notice "Blogger" shows the date today as March 31, 2008 -- well, depending on where you are, I guess. It is 6:34 am here in the Philippines as I write this, April 1, 2008. ^^



  1. I hope your kids see your posting and take it upon themselves to give you the best birthday ever. Happy Birthday in Advance, Jean.


  2. Thanks Chris. You have already given me the best birthday gifts. Two birthdays in a row!Take care.