Sunday, March 16, 2008

Terrorism and the Devil Incarnate

People want to live in the most peaceful way they can. It is an important requirement for everyone. A peaceful life can replace someone’s desire for prosperous living. Is the Philippines a peaceful place to live in?
As I write this, I am reminded of two separate incidents of bombing reported which happened in Metro Manila. My immediate reaction at hearing “bombing” is – TERRORISM is getting worse in Manila!!!
The horrible Glorietta blast on October 19, 2007 killed 11 innocent people and hurt over a hundred others. Barely recovering from the shock of that blast, another terrifying bombing attack targeted the National Congress. This house blast caused the death of several people and great injury to many. Just imagine how the National Congress bombing aggravated the fear of millions of Filipinos. If a place which is supposed to be secured with utmost accuracy could be infiltrated by a terrorist, how much more exposed to danger are the big public places like the malls?
I am scared. So scared I cried as I watched the news reporting these incidents. I have questions in my head. Why are there people who want to hurt other people? Why inflict harm to innocent lives? If that is a way of getting the attention of the government so that some specific groups’ grievances are heard, what justification is there in causing harm to ordinary citizens’ lives? When attention is caught and they sit down and address the concerns – - and resolve them, can they bring back the lives that were lost? What justification is there in using other people as pawns in this heinous game they play?
In my mind I have a picture of a terrorist. Clad in a red suit, horns protruding from his head, a long, detestable tail wagging behind him, a trident in his right hand and a package that reads TNT in his left hand. A very classic picture of a demon—because a terrorist is the devil incarnate.
Who do I make a plea to for the terrorism to stop? The politicians? The President? Or the Devil himself?

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