Sunday, March 16, 2008

I was looking into old document folders and found my college diploma in scanned format~ I remember having it scanned and sent to my email address before I went to Thailand --ready to be downloaded just in case the schools require me to present proof of a college degree (as if a TOR (Transcript of Records) would not be enough- LOL

July 1985, it says ---where the heck did they get that? Graduations are either October, March/April -- hmmm, which brought back memories that I had forgone the April graduation in 1985 and decided to start processing graduation requirements after April -- so there, I probably finished in July 1985. Makes sense now......

In 1987-1988, I took additional college units in BS Education. Didn't take the licensure though because I was immediately hired to teach in a small private school in Binan, ,Laguna. In August 2007, 19 years after taking the Education units, I decided to take the teachers' licensure test and passed. What now? This life is funny. In 1988 I actually TAUGHT in a school and they never asked me for a teaching license~~which is something that they should have asked me to produce considering it was a real school institution. Now that I have a teaching license, I am teaching in a set-up where a license doesn't mean anything. The only requirement is the skill in speaking and teaching the English language to non-English speakers.

But I believe that everything we do is a "preparation" for something that we are going to do in the future. One story in the online resource that I use in teaching English to Koreans talks about a Korean university student's frustration and regret over having spent more than 10 years studying English and aspiring to have good English skills but is aware that the target job that he is going to do after graduation is not going to require him to use the English language. Now he feels that the time spent studying English should have been used learning more about Korean history, or Korean literature. Wasted effort? Maybe not...that remains to be seen. The future is always unknown... it would be a pleasant surprise to get what you are not looking for.

Objects are reinforcements. I obtained a passport in April 2005 without any considerations of going abroad, but left for Thailand in July 2005.

So I wait......I have a passport valid till 2010, I have a teaching license....

I should get annulment papers started soon.......hahahahahahahahaha

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