Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!

Today I started my online English tutorial with a 13 year old Korean kid. When I asked, "What's your name?" . The reply was, "My name is Nicola." . So I began my acquaintance with Nicola and proceeded to ask her many other things about herself. She is placed in the low beginner category which I think is not right because she learns fast. She pronounces English words clearly (unlike other Korean kids I know) and picks up real quick. Towards the end of the period, I realized we have covered what would have been covered by a slow beginner in 2 days. We said bye and agreed to meet same time tomorrow. After my class with her, I sent message to my supervisor who happened to be online on Skype and told him about my first day of class with Nicola. I was happy to tell him that it all went well and that I am positive she will learn with us. My supervisor "listened" to me intently and then later said "Nicola is a male". I couldn't say a word for a brief moment and then I burst in loud laughter and typed hahahahahahaha in the message window.

OH just like the pains of childbirth...after labor, the doctor announces : IT'S A BOY!

Teacher Jeanie learned her own lesson today. Never assume just by the sound of the name or the sound of the voice. ASK (hehehehehe)

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