Sunday, December 23, 2007

my white-haired angel

-------my white-haired angel-----------feb06

Today a white-haired angel passed me by
and asked, "my fair lady, why did you cry?"
"A butterfly bit me", I told him a lie
"Butterflies don't bite!", "that, I wouldn't buy"

So I said, "Okay, listen to my story.
Then answer my questions, though they may sound gory"
He listened intently, albeit so patiently
Then scolded me briefly and said "I'm sorry"

I asked, "You're sorry?" with a little puzzled look
"You've made a mess of your life, look how many years it took"
I said "that's alright, now what really matters,
is that I have fled and escaped, soon nothing can bother".

"Don't rest on your laurels, it is too soon to tell,
that you have escaped unscathed, watch out for the bell!"
"Is there peace in your heart now, is everything well?
Until that happens, then the flowers, you can smell"

My dear white -haired angel, I know your name is WOLFIE
Weathered by experience, pain tears and glory
This childlike heart of mine, will forever hold you dearly"
In your heart of hearts, please, oh please, always keep Jeanie.

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