Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let Go

a dear friend was hurt at work today
the boss gave her the "sack",
it seems he's unhappy the way she works
and said comments behind her back.

she had known about it from a friend,
and was getting worried for weeks now,
she wished he'd stop his bickering,
and instead talk to her, tell her how.

it went unnoticed, so it seemed,
her lapses, she thought, weren't so bad,
days passed without them arguing,
she thought "it's now okay, I'm glad".

so when today he called her in,
to his office she nervously went,
his face looked grim with teeth gritted in,
"after this," in her mind, "I'll be spent".

Indeed, he wasn't at all happy,
and right away told her so,
he used ugly words -- the kind that hurt,
why he had to, she didn't know.

the words did hurt, said without tact,
she burst and her heart sank,
the hearsays he did not retract,
when he confirmed it, her mind went blank.

there wasn't anything left to do,
but cry and run away ,
he wasn't forgiving --that she knew,
she decided to leave from today.

so many pains caused by unforgiveness,
could have been avoided if we try,
no one is worth more, as no one is worth less,
we are all equal, that's why.

my friend's heart is in sorrow I'm sure,
so sad...........made mad....... i know,
for all of these , there is a cure,
forgive........... forget............... let go.

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