Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Black Leather Shoes

my black leather shoes

Coming to Thailand, I am not so sure
If a career for me here, is waiting;
I left a job back home, with hopes for the future
before my flight, I was beaming, yet crying.

The scene at the airport wasn't at all bad
'can't remember why I chose to fly alone;
My two boys saw me off , not exactly feeling glad
I know the next time to talk will be on the phone.

The wait for the "boarding" proved really boring
3 hours, is too long for check-in;
It took just half an hour to finish the checking
with the time left, I was bored and soon snoring.

There wasn't any big thing in the airport to see
But big planes and people with luggage;
The people that went in, carried almost nothing
Those that went out, were all with huge baggage.

The bodychecks seemed endless, 'knew it was pointless
to complain and tell them to hurry;
The scan machines worked well, when I passed, 'heard no bell
I smiled with pride but deep inside, felt funny.

I dozed on and off at the lounge, then awakened
The loud speaker sounded, people listened;
"Boarding has started", the voice said with pride
"KU Flight 412" hey! that's my ride!!!!

At the last x-ray hub, the Lady Guard gave me a nod
So I passed under the arch confidently;
Alas when I stepped through, darn! the red light shone too
I was led aside, I followed ashamedly.

They asked me to draw out the contents of my pocket
No metal, no bomb, no scare ;
Then she said,"Take off your shoes,please" with a smirk and a glare
When I did, I passed without a care.

I wondered what was there, in my shoes that rang the bell
Could there be metal, or bomb, or what not?
In the plane I kept thinking, about that previous happening
Still no answers, to think further, I cannot....

When my black leather shoes gets worn out with use
I will take it apart and examine
Until then I won't know, why my shoes gave a show
"Hush Puppies@" , I'll send you a warning

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