Friday, February 19, 2010

Delilah's Jewels

(Delilah, the Silver Princess, is a work of art - a collage -- featured at the Dogs of Bark City fundraising campaign
Awesome art--obviously created by someone who has a lot of patience working with small trinkets. Imagine the amount of glitter needed to cover Delilah's coat--plus "composing" the collage of bits and pieces all around Delilah's body.
She sold for $12,500. Good job!


keys, coins, pieces of brass
pendants, chains, that shine like glass

belt buckle and brooch, a lopsided earring

a thimble it is, not a tiny bell ringing

a Christmas tree beside a symbol of infinity

odd shapes and sizes, trinkets blinking at me.

i see a letter J, and a padlock do you see?
pray tell, where to find the lock's matching key?

flowers and leaves, no they are not green

because they are coated with metallic sheen

a bolt, where's the nut?, an upholstery tack

is that a wagon, maybe there's a grass shack?

hoops and buttons and an artist's brush

i bet the brush would make the hound dog blush