Monday, April 14, 2008


to kiss and be kissed back

to hug and be hugged back

to touch and be touched

to give affection and be shown affection

to care and be cared for


to inspire and be inspired;

for this inspiration is pure and sublime

to love and be loved;

for this love is uplifting

to encourage and be encouraged;
for this encouragement pushes us to reach our goals

to comfort and be comforted;

for this comfort soothes weariness

to console and be consoled;

for this consolation brings solace

to assure and be assured;
for these assurances bring peace of mind

I want togetherness, I want closeness
But we can't, despite our eagerness
I want all these and then some more
Near or distant, true love galore

keep me in your heart

don't ever make me blue

in thoughts, we're never apart

with all my heart, i love you.

jeanie 13dec09/8:58pm

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