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My answers, what're yours? May 23, 2009 10:21 am
When you look at people's profiles here, do you click on the "more responses" link to see what the person has answered to additional questions? I do. And since some of the questions are answered from a drop-down menu, the questions I check out are the following: (with my own answers)

Tell us about your views on dating etiquette. Door opening? Who pays?
NO BIG DEAL for me whether the guy opens doors or not but sometimes it is nice to have someone walking ahead of me so I can just follow (if he trips, I would know to watch my step!!

Tell us what you expect to happen on a first date.
talk, laugh, talk some more, laugh some more... and then deciding if we both would want a second date.

Tell us what you would do if you were given $1 million dollars. Invest? Travel? Pay bills?
-give my three children a reasonable amount of money to help them set out on their own;

If I have already found my partner and he happens to live in another country, buy a summer house in the Philippines (for us to spend half the year here and half the year in his country;

pay bills, invest some, splurge a little and then go back to real life.

Tell us what you would ask for if you were granted 3 wishes.
- for the $1M dollar in the previous question to come true - good health for me and the partner - will save the third wish for later

Tell us what things in life are most important to you.
Stability - in everything. A stable financial situation, a stable loving and committed relationship with a partner, (hopefully a husband), a stable relationship between me and my partner and our respective immediate families. It is something that I have yet to have in my life. I've lived a difficult life. I am not denouncing poverty and I am not craving for wealth but I would like to achieve a point where things are stable and I don't have to worry about next month's bills. My previous marriage ended in an unhappy note, I want to change the course of my next marriage. A quiet and stable relationship with the spouse means nothing if the relationship between and among members of each other's families are not in harmony, so I think that is also important.

Tell us where you view yourself 5 years from now. Family? Career?
Hopefully, happily married to someone who can help bring in stability in our life together -- with willingness to put in equal effort and with the patience to make the effort work. I don't mind helping the husband take care of the bills, as long as I am just a helper and not the main breadwinner. (been there, done that )

More about my ethnicity
I am 100% Filipina

More about my gender
I am 100% female

What is your most humbling moment?
(have to think some more about it -- will get back to this later)

Tell us which celebrity you resemble the most.
I do not resemble any celebrity. They are all out of my league LOL!

Tell us about your personal style and why it works for you. Casual and comfy? Sharp and professional?
Casual and comfy always works. In fact I am hoping to find someone who is not very "corporate" as I am sure it will be a bit of a drag to "discuss" the issue of dressing in a corporate manner. I am what you might call the opposite of elegance. I like moderation in all things. Having to wear formal dress and dress jewelry would make me feel like running for the hills. Simple can be elegant -- I subscribe to that.

Do you have any disabilities/concerns?
Nothing life-threatening

Tell us what you like/do not like about what you do for a living.
I am at a point in my life where career is a disappointment. I have made some wrong/bad decisions in the past but I do not regret having done them anyway. I am starting over. With a child done with school, I hope to get started in a career that will help me raise the other two boys.

Tell us how you feel about your fame and fortune. Too much? Too little? Just right?
Fame? what fame? Fortune? what fortune? LOL

I can very honestly say that fame and fortune do not apply to me at all and I have very vague idea of what fame and fortune is. I prefer to live simply and realistically, with no obsessions about fame or fortune.

What was your life like growing up? Education? Family? Struggles? Accomplishments?
Too complicated to put in answers here. I will try to give brief descriptions.

Growing up - confused
Education - boring but it gave me a diploma
Family - dysfunctional in some ways
Struggles - some manageable, others frustrating
Accomplishments - a lot is left to be desired

When it comes to career, family and life in general, how do you feel?
Confused, I feel I can still do a lot of improvements if given the chance

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