Sunday, August 16, 2009

what did you have for breakfast today?

Remember when pan de sal became a very controversial commodity some years back? No thanks to bromate, but it has sowed fear in the Pinoy mind that if you've been eating pan de sal everyday, you have been ingesting poison in small amounts everyday. (Killing me softly.. ) My family is not a big pan de sal consumer but there would be days when we would feel like having it for breakfast for several consecutive days and then switch to something else (maybe sintulog : sinangag, tuyo and itlog Today, and since middle of last week, we had pan de sal for breakfast and strange, my two boys ate only two pieces each (they eat more than that usually). So I ate my portion and gave my two pet dogs a piece each, they both did not touch it. Now I am wondering...the pan de sal seemed to have left a bad taste in my mouth....I guess I had BROMATE for breakfast today


  1. I had sermon for breakfast.

  2. hmmm...I hope SMOKED SERMON (HEHEHEHE)