Thursday, August 6, 2009

like a box of choc'lits

like a box of chocolates wrapped in silver and gold life handed to me in a gold plate
the choice to be meek or bold

there are no assurances

what you get out of this box

with your choice come nuances

be a meek lamb or a fierce fox
does it matter what I want?
does it matter what I become?
i cannot choose what I get from the box
'can only hope I don't get damned.

on some days I get the nice ones
I am happy, I am a lamb
a bad chocolate, I pulled out once

a fox sprung, people jumped.
i sit in silent contemplation shall i get another chocolate from the box?
'can't avoid it, I must get one
'can't say "Can I pass?" Deym, it sux!

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