Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Equations

It sure is something that I am aware is going to happen. So many people have written about it before -- how people marry and build a family, raise children, marry them off and how the couple ends up back to how they started - just the two of them together. In our case it was 1 + 1 + 3 = 5. Unfortunately, in my case it will never be back to how my partner and I started as he has already left, never to come back again.

When I left for Thailand, I am sure the family I left, felt the void -- missing my place at the dinner table, missing my "presence" puttering about, going through the usual tasks of the day. When I came back, (not to the family house, as I have already decided to separate)I took the two boys with me, the daughter stayed put in the house with her dad. It was a "split" arrangement. SO here, it was (1 + 2) / (1 + 1)

When daughter graduated, and seeing no hope of being back together as a family, their dad moved out so the boys and I moved back in to the house. What is the equation for that now? (1 + 1) - 1 (1 + 2) + 1. That equals 4, I don't care if the equation is not correct.

SO now we're four in the family, after several transpositions and extrapolations

Last month, my nurse daughter and I decided she should move back to our home city at least temporarily as there are more hospitals there and we have more "connections" there to help her with recommendations and stuff. So she did. After doing several tests and interviews, she came back home last week to fix some paperwork regarding her license and other things concerning pre-hiring documentations. Yesterday she travelled back there to respond to a hospital's call for a training notification. She will start training Monday. On the side she also got an on-call post assisting medical staff in some factories' annual physical examinations (a good way to earn extra),short - term though.

Now I can see the family equations taking a different but predictable turn. For the next year or so, it will be (1 + 3) - 1
and while daughter is out there starting a career of her own which may eventually end up with her working overseas after earning considerable local hospital experience, the two boys are going to move up the education ladder. They will both start college (hopefully I can send them) and soon, the (1 + 3) -1 will be (1 + 3) - 1 -1 -1

It is a law of human life. It is sad looking at the prospect of finally ending up alone but I am not going to be the first person to be that way.

The final answer will be 1 ... i know you might be thinking + 1 too but that's thinking
too fast for now......


  1. Let me share this poem of mine during college.

    Shall I Call This Numb Verse?

    Yes, you are Two and i am One
    But that doesn't mean a thing.
    Unless, of course, you live with me
    For then we will be Three.

  2. that short verse said the same thing that all my hundreds of words attempted to say in this piece. LOL