Monday, April 13, 2009

mY bIRTHDAY bLOg: I feel 95 years old today

April 14, 1964
Sweet Pea

Hmmmm ... this is ME (in a capsule)

starting a new life as a widow at age 45.
25 years in a previous marriage
a nurse daughter
two teenage boys
no real career (a double degree doesn't cut it)
a government office quitter (foolish, I know)
a hint of a job opportunity in the offing (fingers crossed)

a foiled writing career
I own a slow computer (Penti*m Turtle, dinosaur edition)

a laminotomy patient (almost tramadol-dependent, thanks to an orthopedist and a laminotomy procedure)

a frustrated OFW (I developed a phobia after four in-flight experiences)

a stage mother (of a would-be band with my three children in it)
a singer in my own right (Wish ko lang!!! walang kokontra! Chill)

a has-been guitar player
a piano artist (had my interest not been nipped at the bud right after my second piano lesson)

a ballet dancer (at age 7, thank goodness my dad realized early that I was not made for it -- but I kept the ballet shoes anyway )

a pseudo-female (at least until age 10, when I was "one of the boys")
a religious backslider (still searching, or at least, pretends to be searching)

hmmm... that's about it... would be nice to update this as my recollection permits (a good entry in my archives)

Yeah, I feel 95 years old today. Happy birthday to me!


  1. happy birthday jeanie
    don't be so down on yourself

  2. Hey Dave!
    Thanks a lot -- I've just been going over the comments here -- really late replies but...better late than never ;)