Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tornado in UPLB

I was browsing Google to find out what's cooking in UPLB, my alma mater, for the coming FebFair 2009. I was planning to browse some more about the past years' celebrations but instead, I was brought to a link showing different footages of the tornado that struck LB in August 2008.

The only other tornado that I have ever seen in my life was way back in the 1990's and it was really far, far away from where I was standing that time. Watching the video footages of LB's tornado, I'm sure it had been quite a scary thing seeing it from that close range.

I'm sharing the video footages here:

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  1. I've seen some smaller tornadoes when I was living in South Dakota. Scary stuff is right! I think one of the more eerie aspects is the sound you hear from the winds associated with the tornado. It's an unbelievably loud roaring sound, made me think of the sound a train makes when it passes by with the throttle wide open.