Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buddy's Pizza, anyone?

Still feeling bloated from all that holiday food? I am sure your taste buds are screaming for a respite.from that surfeit of meat dishes coupled with all the sweets. Aren't you already craving for a serving of pancit Lukban at Buddy's Pizza?

I am writing this blog for you dear Quezonians in different parts of the world who have been missing the exotic taste of native Quezonian fare. Pancit Lukban is definitely one of Buddy Pizza's best items in the menu (their sisig is tops too, but that would defeat the purpose of this blog being a meat dish. )

Their pizza is a little bit way out of the league compared with Pizza Hut and Greenwich Pizza but it sure pleases the palate of Quezonians, no matter. I have yet to easily find an empty table at their SM Lucena City Mall branch on any given Saturday or Sunday.

I would choose Buddy Burger over one from Jollibee or McDonald's , any day too. 'Wouldn't trade the "beefy" taste which I only get from only one other burger place, Tropical Hut. And their "gulaman at sago" ? Reminds you of the "samalamig" vended around barangay basketball courts during the summer basketball leagues ( I still wonder why Indian mangoes go well with it, but they simply do) Zagu is a nice mutant but we're talking about native stuff here, aren't we?

Hmmm.... first flight to Manila, tomorrow?

Talking about Pancit Lukban, I once wrote about it for a magazine circulated in HK. It tells of the expert way Quezonians partake of the "pancit habhab" from a banana leaf.
Read it here:


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