Monday, November 10, 2008


THE FIRE SIGNS (The Wands Ignite Passion)
Passionate, Fun, Charming, Adventurous, Exciting, Argumentative, Popular, Curious, Energetic, Defender, Creative, Challenging, Protective, Scholar, Loud, Egotistical. Fire rises with intellectual Air signs. Fire is secure with stable Earth signs. Fire loses spark with nurturing Water signs. Fire with Fire dance.

Aries the Ram ARIES (King of Wands)
Born March 21-April 19 .... Aries is the sign of the ram. The ram implies great strength and courage, along with the ability to climb great heights in their lifetime. Being a masculine sign - they are action -oriented, and full of nonstop energy. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, God of War, which will generally give most a strong aggressive personality,and can be quite argumentative. These original interpretations from let you know that when you meet an Aries - what you see is what you get! There are no front with this sign, because they speak honestly. They are alot of fun and are playful. Their fire element needs activity - as they get bored easily.They love to be the center of attention - and they usually are. Aries are direct and need to be in charge. Aries are natural leaders and heroes. Yheir best color is red to gain attention. They do not like to take orders from others. Aries rules the head area - which will be prone to headaches and jaw problems.
Celebrity Rams: David Letterman, Roy Clark, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eric Roberts, Hugh Hefner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Montgomery, Rosie O'Donnell, Lucy Lawless, Shannon Doherty, Spike Lee, Hugh Hefner, Selena, Mariah Carey, Kevin Federline, Star Jones, Vanessa Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Steven Tyler, Joan Crawford, Marcia Cross, Ewan McGregor, T.R. Knight.

THE WATER SIGNS (The Cups Release Feelings)
Nurturing, Supportive, Mystical, Intuitive, Dreamy, Possessive, Insecure, Emotional, Sacrificing, Needy, Loving, Secretive, Cuddly, Sacrificing, Loving, DisIllusional, Obsessive. Water comforts calm Air signs. Water boils with independent Fire signs. Water quenches needy Earth signs. Water and water flow in all directions.

CANCER (King of Cups)
Born June 21 - July 22.... Cancer is the sign of the Crab. The Crab is sensitive, protective, and seeks security. Cancer is a feminine water sign as well as cardinal. A Cancer is a very strong person who will make their move in life based on their emotions. These original interpretations from let you know that they are ruled by the moon, and like the tides, their moods tend to fluctuate. Cancers, like the crab itself, are known to be clingy and somewhat possessive. A cancer must feel secure in life in order to thrive. The element Water, which rules Cancer, helps to blend these warm, soft-hearted figures into cuddly, loving and affectionate people. They can never get enough of love. Like the crab, they can be built with the illusion of a hard shell on the outside to protect their warm, mushy self on the inside. Their best color is seagreen for serenity. Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach, which can make them prone to digestive ailments and weight problems.
Celebrity Crabs: Michelle Branch, Gretchen Wilson, Paul McCartney, Lizzie Borden, Kathy Bates, Courtney Love, Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson, Sly Stallone, Pam Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Princess Diana, Prince William, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel, George W Bush, Dannt Glover, Bill Cosby, David Hasselhoff, Toby Keith, Barry Manilow, Jacques Cousteau, Mattie Stepanek, Tom Cruise, Ringo Star, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Simpson, Alanis Morissette, Richard Simmons, Ritchie Sambora, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Toby Keith, June Carter Cash.

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