Sunday, June 15, 2008


Tacsiyapo is an expression among Pampanga folks which is halfway between swearing and expressing playful delight over something. When I was a kid, there was an elderly lady from Pampanga who moved to our place and we were introduced to some Kapampangan expressions, including Tacsiyapo (said with feelings, it even goes like: Aruuu!! Tacsiyapo!)

The Isdaan floating restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac, features a Tacsiyapo Wall where one could go to release pent-up anger over someone or something. The wall has become even more popular than the name of the floating restaurant. I wouldn't be surprised if they changed the name to Tacsiyapo Restaurant later on.

Vent, manage your anger, release that ire -- but you are not allowed to use invectives. They have plates and cups for sale there that you can hurl onto the wall as you release your anger. You can target specific individual types/names featured on the wall --such as, --(but not limited to--you can of course specify if you want to and you may or may not say something as you hurl/throw/smash the plate/mug on the wall) --in-laws, bosses, supervisors, family members, classmates, friends -- just about anything or anybody you hate, dislike or despise at the moment. And of course you can also do it for fun--not necessarily because you are angry at someone. There are also wall clocks there that you can throw at the wall (probably more expensive than a plate) --and I saw a broken TV too!!! I wonder -- if the value of the object to smash lends any difference or if it is any measure of the degree of one's anger.

Maybe next time I visit the floating restaurant, I will vent and contribute to the mountain of broken pieces of plates and mugs building up at the Tacsiyapo Wall. It may not be the perfect way to release your anger but it is worthwhile getting a feeling of amusement hearing and watching other people vent.

Aruuu! Tacsiyapo!!!!

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