Thursday, June 5, 2008

pasayahan sa lu-china 2008

Pasayahan sa LU-CHINA 2008

The parade showcased mostly the floats representing business establishments in Lucena City that are owned by Chinese businessmen. Hence the predominance of dragons and chinese lanterns. Red and gold were the theme colors. Celebrity guests also graced the affair together with the MMDA big guy, Bayani Fernando. Beauties from the recently concluded G at Bb. Pasayahan also joined the parade. The floats showed a mix of Chinese and Lucenahin themes --look closely and you can see "miki" decorations in most of the red and gold floats. Lucena mayor, Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga was also in one of the floats. ONe of the most applauded parts of the parade was the sportscar brought along by the PLDT team.


  1. wow its good you have taken shots of the pasayahan. I wasn't able to go there in time.

  2. Yeps. That was indeed one colorful Pasayahan event -- no rains, very good. One sad thing for one of the floats though (I don't remember which float it was) but it was too big to pass under the arch so it had to be whisked away)