Monday, May 12, 2008

sweat the small stuff

Judicious spending is the name of the game these days. At home, we engage ourselves in endless arguments about saving and economizing on everything~~especially on food. But if you have two growing teenage boys who play basketball and other rough games because it is summertime and there's no school, how do you economize on food? And mind, we are not even anywhere around extravagant with our meals.

I went grocery -shopping with a friend last week and observed that a cartful of groceries and other cupboard and fridge stuff would cost around Php 5,000-6,000~~ that's the regular grocery cart you find in supermarkets~~ For an average family of four, that's good for 3-4 weeks' consumption.

The way prices go up these days, which has shrunk the value of the peso, don't be surprised if in a few more years, (heaven forbid!), Filipinos would be pushing this modern-day shopping cart to the check-out counter:

BUT .... i have to admit....I WANT ONE OF THIS!!!!! (you know how I turn jelly for anything miniature (sigh)- - Definitely the small stuff I would love to sweat!

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