Monday, April 14, 2008

No I did not have a breakfast of BLT (bread, lettuce, tomatoes). But just to force the acronym, I'd say I breakfasted on Bilis, Linangag at Tape (dilis, sinangag at kape. Trans. anchovies, fried rice and coffee)

It's an ordinary day that I would have made special because it is my birthday. Daughter Thea is processing her documents for her application to take the nurses' licensure exam and it costs a lot. Php100 to get every document notarized (there are five) ...ouch! 500 bucks -- there went the KFC birthday dinner for the family

I realized one thing though - I should have encouraged my daughter to become a lawyer instead ~~a hundred bucks for every page requiring notarial signature!!!! Hmmmm

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