Thursday, April 10, 2008

cards...tiles...cubes...11 cakes to go

Common denominator: something you could do for hours and hours and hours......

Considering there are hundreds of ways to play solitaire, I'd say I could spend hours and hours playing cards~~not necessarily on the computer, though. An actual deck of cards could better provide the hours of solitaire than the computer-based games.

For Mah jong, I know people could play this for days on end~~even to the point of having a heart attack! (ugh!!) True, I know several who had just either fallen off their chair or simply faint while playing mah jong. Cause of death is not necessarily a heart attack - most times, it is due to bleeding (a bashed head) or some other complications.

Solving a rubik's cube puzzle may take only a few seconds for some people who aim to break records but I am sure they spend hours and hours and hours trying to figure out the fastest way to solve the cube.

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