Friday, April 25, 2008

can you feel it?


The rice crisis is just part of the bigger crisis ~~ everything followed suit. Prices of grocery items are higher than a few weeks ago. Not long after the government acknowledged the impending crisis that may result to rice shortage, prices of other food and food commodities went up. Jail? Who's afraid of being thrown to jail? Obviously not the food vendors nor the sellers in the markets. They have ready explanation -- ~~ that the owners of slaughterhouses and meat sellers have increased their prices-- it is just the domino effect that everyone is experiencing now. Could be true and because it is true, what could the consumers do? It is not an option to "not buy" -- that is the same as saying "do not eat".

I woke up this early morning to the voice of the man delivering the electricity bill. WTF!!!! What used to be a monthly bill of Php 1400 is now Php1900. Our electric usage/consumption hasn't changed. We did not add any new electric appliance. And what makes the increase more strange is that it is summer, school is out, no one in the house irons clothes. The washing machine also isn't as busy as it is during school days. What then?

Ask Meralco. (Manila Electric Company)
Good luck.
Thank your lucky stars if you get any explanation.


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