Sunday, December 23, 2007

a very MICHAEL day..(swooning over MB!)

October 15, 2007

At 6am today I turned on the computer and prepared to play a Michael Buble playlist. Into "Home" and "Everything", I felt the urge to watch the Michael Buble interviews on YouTube that I have been meaning to watch but never really got round to.

Before today, I thought I like Michael Buble, the singer, but before today ended, I am convinced that I like Michael Buble, the person.

He's an animated speaker--totally captivating with his charming, boyish ways. No wonder girls and women swoon over him in all his concerts. A voice with so much character. I agree with him , there can't be another Sinatra or another Tony Bennet -- he is all his own person.

He is a comedian deep inside - the punchlines came frequent and close in between -- it makes you hope for more as he babbles on.

One word that I will use to describe Michael is that he is a NATURAL. Natural in all the things that he does. With a natural talent for everything. A naturally talented singer and artist. Naturally pleasant, naturally sweet, naturally lovable. So down to earth - admitting flaws, and talking in public about what he is in private. I particularly loved his description of himself at home with his girlfriend (Oh yeah, the beautiful Emily Blunt of The Devil Wears Prada) slouched in the couch, wearing his tighty-whiteys, nachos on his chest, slurpee coming down from the side of his mouth, remote control in hand , watching hockey on tv and the girlfriend saying: You know, you look disgusting!If people could see you now.....hahahahaha

And it didn't give him minus points talking about it-- instead made his fans love him all the more (and maybe envy that gurl Emily because she gets the chance to see Michael when he is "disgusting" to look at and not only when he is "fully made up" and so sleek and dashing...Oh my! I am sure a lot of women would give anything for a hockey day with Michael at home! ) You just have to read all the comments on YouTube in each of those interviews and you will know what I mean.

Michael is definitely more than a "Pretty Face" with a soothing voice. He seems so tender, with a very warm smile and charming ways. So adorable, so inspiring and yet sO WiCkEdLY fUnNy!!!!

Perhaps the best part of my very Michael day is when I heard him talk about being "affected" by fame and wealth and all that he has right now. He countered -- How can you be not affected? You used to be not able to do all these. You used to have no choice to do stuff and all of a sudden you have everything. How can it not affect you?

But yes it is hard to miss his point -- he does not justify the effects of wealth and fame on him -- he was simply telling people what it did to him to be MICHAEL BUBLE now...comparing the things that he used to be not able to do but now could....contemplating on the Michael Buble of the past who tagged along with his grandfather and sang standards at an early age. You would wonder, how many toilets did his grandfather have to put up for bar owners just for them to let him up on stage? I doubt if he even had to do many. I am sure showbusiness recognized the talent right away and took him in a blaze!

Yet Michael is still aware that these are effects...not the over -all consequence. It may show as braggadocio some of the time but I completely subscribe to his explanation -- that he is a normal person who would feel that way at a certain moment-- but does not necesarily mean that fame has changed him.

I agree. Watch his interviews and come back to me to disagree.....if you would....


  1. I dare not disagree. But maybe , you should see Michael Babble. He is also bubbling with energy and enthuasiasm. Definitely with a sense of pride but he likes Jonathan Livingston and Kahlil Gibran. He used to travel with the Little Prince until they were shipwrecked. You should see him sometime.


    I like Kahlil Gibran too -- and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I don't know but only heard of -- until I read Richard Bach's Illusions.