Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Thai Valentine's Day

In my first class for the day, something good was happening,
The kids, restless and smiling, all the girls were giggling,
A little girl walked forth and handed me a red rose,
The class cheered and soon after, followed it with applause.

More boys and girls soon began to approach me
Their faces were all bright, and yes, filled with glee,
They handed me roses, yet strange, I did wonder,
Why many of them gave me different kinds of heart stickers.

Red hearts, yellow hearts, blue, violet, pink and green,
Bright-colored with gold dusts that gave them a sheen,
Another rose wrapped in transparent plastic,
A big rose so lovely, that sure made my heart tick!

Throughout the rest of the day, the stickers kept coming,
Cheerfully I accepted, my joy overflowing,
On a notebook, one by one, the stickers I stuck,
Anyone who sees it , will think I am lovestruck.Image

I pulled out a paper and folded it twice,
A valentine card, I will make and make sure it is nice,
I scribbled a greeting, drew hearts, roses, arrows,
Then told the class "Your feelings, in a card, let it show".Image

They liked it, were excited and soon everyone was busy,
Drawing, coloring, writing --- all busy as a bee,
They now found a new and more creative way,
To send friends their greetings on a valentine's day. Image

Next year, I am sure, they will try to do better,
Make a card personalized, better than just a sticker,
But still these stickers will be attention -getters,
For already, I saw a card with heart stickers in four corners!!Image

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