Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dream

this is a poem I wrote about my mother in Feb2006 - on the last few weeks of my stay in Thailand. For years I have kept a memory of my mother in my mind and I have always wanted to write about it, but couldn't ~~ until I discovered I could write poems....

the Dream

Many years ago I had a dream,
it was vague as what most dreams are,
in it I was floating in a stream,
in a small boat sailing afar.

the water was quiet, very calm, very still,
All I could see were gentle ripples,
The sun was high up like a big burning wheel,
Searing hot, I felt there was triple.

On the riverbank stood a little girl crying,
I was looking at her with a sigh,
I cannot deny, I know there is nothing,
I can do to hush her cries.

As the boat sailed farther in my dreams it was clear,
the little girl was no longer there,
When I tried to look a little bit harder,
I found out, who stood there, was my mother.

As dreams are unusual the next scene I saw,
was my mother in her white wedding dress,
but as I got closer, behold and lo!
she's in a hospital gown feeling distressed!

As the scene changed in the blink of an eye,
I was not anymore in the river,
Instead I was there as a 3 year old girl,
On a tiptoe, beside the bed of my mother.

A baby in a crib , laying calm and still,
caught my attention and made me wonder,
in a brief little second it was already clear,
he was my dearest newborn brother.

and then in an instant, the scenes flashed quickly,
one by one, they changed before my eyes,
she, my mother was in pain, undoubtedly,
and my father was hushing her cries.

then there were bright lights and there was a bier,
What I saw I could never forget,
She laid calmly and coldly right there in the center,
Flowers all around, everyone wept.

For so many years I dreamed the same dream,
but never quite understood what it meant,
now that I am older and added more years,
I think the message is now clearly sent.

As a three year old girl I could hardly remember,
as much as I would have wanted to,
These scenes were just all I could put together,
in reality, in dreams, through and through.

These are all but the memories I have of my mother,
Though I try to recall more, I fail,
All other things simply fade beyond wonder,
Couldn't do more, even if I cry and wail.

Until these days, this dream still comes by,
I have memorized it by heart,
Dear Mother I blow a kiss and a smile,
Forever you'll be here, though apart.

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